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The following judges and judicial officers have attended past symposia hosted by the Institute:

The Hon Justice Michael Adams, Supreme Court of New South Wales, Australia

The Hon Chief Justice Ivor Archie, Supreme Court of Judicature, Trinidad and Tobago

The Hon Justice Francis Belle, High Court of Justice and Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court

Ms Narelle Bell, Senior Member, Commonwealth Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Australia

Magistrate Ivena Benjamin, Anguilla

The Hon Justice Dagobert Bisseck, Supreme Court, Cameroon

Justice Christopher Blackman, Court of Appeal, The Bahamas

Hon. Jacques Chamberland, Quebec Court of Appeal, Canada

Magistrate Yasmin Clarke, St. Kitts and Nevis

The Hon Justice Rahila Hadea Cudjoe, Chief Judge, Kaduna State, Nigeria

The Hon Justice Mehmooda Ebrahim-Carstens, Botswana, UN Dispute Resolution Tribunal

Justice Russell Juriansz, Ontario Court of Appeal, Canada

Premier Président Alexis Dipanda Mouelle, La Cour Suprême du Cameroun

Justice Margaret Price Findlay, High Court, Granada

The Hon Justice Ernest Njumbe, Supreme Court, Cameroon

The Hon Justice Harold R. Nsekela, President, East African Court of Justice

Justice Charmaine Roy Pemberton, High Court, Trinidad and Tobago

The Hon Chief Justice Augustine Ramadhani, Court of Appeal, Tanzania

Procureur Général Martin Rissouk à Moulong, La Cour Suprême du Cameroun

The Hon Justice B S Roy, Court of Appeal, Guyana

Deputy Chief Justice Gibbs Salika, National Court, Papua New Guinea

The Hon Justice Adrian Saunders, Caribbean Court of Justice

The Hon Justice Carl Singh, Chancellor of the Judiciary, Guyana

Justice Phillip Tunoi, Vice President, East African Court of Justice

Judge Carrie Wainwright, Waitangi Tribunal, New Zealand

The Hon Lady Justice Roseline Wendoh, High Court, Kenya

Justice Rosalyn Wilkinson, High Court, Saint Lucia

Chief Judge Kashim Zannah, High Court of Justice, Borno State, Nigeria