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About Us

The International Institute for Legal Writing + Reasoning is a not-for-profit entity.

Its purpose is to provide opportunities for judges, tribunal members, attorneys, and legal officers to study the cultural and philosophical aspects of legal writing from the perspective of diverse cultures and jurisdictions

James C. Raymond, Ph.D., President
James Raymond is professor emeritus of the University of Alabama and former editor of College English.  His publications include Writing is an Unnatural Act (Harper), Moves Writers Make (Prentice Hall), English as a Discipline (UAP), and Clear Understandings: A Guide to Legal Writing (Random, with Ronald L. Goldfarb), and essays in the Pepperdine Law Review, the Alabama Law Review, and the Judicial Review of New South Wales.  His most recent book is Writing for the Court (Carswell).  He has conducted programs on legal writing and reasoning for judges and attorneys in six continents and more than twenty-five countries.  See www.jcraymond.com.

Bettye M. Musham, Vice President and Treasurer
Bettye Martin Musham is the founder and CEO of Gear Holdings, a design and marketing firm for home furnishings.   Ms. Musham is a graduate of Duke University and currently serves on Duke's Islamic Study Center Advisory Board.  She has also served on the board of the Brunswick Corporation, The Business Council for the United Nations, New Zealand Trade Development Commission, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank.  Before founding Gear 31 years ago, Ms. Musham was a manager for Louis Vuitton, the first woman executive for the French company.  She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.      

for more information: info@internationalinst.com